OPSECA is an online analysis and planning tool to help practitioners more easily analyse their peace and conflict context and link that to the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding planning cycle in a conflict sensitive manner.

OPSECA grew out of our own experience in the development sector. Working on conflict, we wanted a way to better organise our analysis of the situation and to link it with practical decision-making.

OPSECA is designed to help organisations do four things:

  • Analyse Context and Needs – OPSECA provides an intuitive, step-by-step context analysis process which makes it easier for practitioners to develop and manage a nuanced understanding of their context and identify what assistance needs exist.

  • Design Assistance – OPSECA helps organisations map existing interventions, identify gaps, recognise opportunities and approach humanitarian, development and peacebuilding assistance more strategically.

  • Monitor and Respond – OPSECA makes it easy to update an analysis of a context over time and to add data driven indicators. With ongoing analysis, organisations can easily monitor the changing situation and respond accordingly.

  • Evaluate – OPSECA's intuitive, ongoing, analysis-driven approach allows organisations to more easily measure the impact of their assistance. With greater insight into what works and what doesn't, organisations can design more effective assistance.

Key features include:

  • Timeline Analysis – Track significant events in your context;

  • Factor Assessment – Identify and describe key issues affecting your context;

  • Stakeholder Analysis – Describe the major actors involved and map relationships between them;

  • Intervention Mapping – Look at what is already being done within your context and identify gaps;

  • Scenario Planning – Project your analysis in the short to medium term;

  • Indicators and Tracking – Identify indicators and include data to test your analysis model, track how the situation is changing over time, and measure your impact;

  • Analysis Snapshotting – Easily update your analysis over time;

  • Collaborative Knowledge Management – Share your analysis within your organisation and with partners using a gradiated permissions system.


OPSECA is in ongoing development and we are currently testing components of it in the field.

We are looking for additional partners who are interested in testing OPSECA both as an analysis tool and as a planning and monitoring tool.

For more information please contact us at opseca@humanidev.tech.